Summer / Autumn - Booking information

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Visitor Type Accommodation Booking Conditions Tariff
Couples/Families Room only

Rooms booked on shared Lodge access

(other guests may be booked into the lodge at the same time)

Adult: $60 per night

Child (under 18 yrs): $40 per night

(Bookings are for a minimum 2 night stay)

Group Full Lodge

Group bookings provide exclusive access to the lodge.

(no other guest bookings will be taken during the same period)

$760 per night

(Bookings are for a minimum 2 night stay.

Maximum guest number for full lodge booking is 24)
Cleaning Costs Options available 

Guests can elect to either:

  • Clean their room / lodge prior to departure

$0 charge

If the Summer manager advises that the premises require further cleaning after departure the holding deposit will be used to cover additional cleaning costs charged @ $55 / hour.

(Based on photo evidence of the cleaning required.)

  • Pay a fee to have their room or full lodge cleaned

Rooms $55 / hour (2 hours minimum charge)

Full Ldoge $110 for 'common areas' + Room as above.

Cleaning costs may vary depending on the condition and time required.

Other charges  

Security deposit

$500 - Credit card holding deposit


As the lodge will not have permanent on-site manager during this period guests will be required to:

 - Bring their own bedding linen and towels

 - Provide all their own food for all meals.

The Lodge refrigeration and cooking facilities are provided for guest use and must be left clean and as presented at the commencement of the booking.