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NightsRateFam SuiteFam RmFam RmFam RmFam RmFam RmFam RmBunk RmBunk Rm
Tue 19 Sep 2017Low
Wed 20 Sep 2017Low
Thu 21 Sep 2017Low
Fri 22 Sep 2017Low
Sat 23 Sep 2017Low
Sun 24 Sep 2017Low
Mon 25 Sep 2017Low
Tue 26 Sep 2017Low
Wed 27 Sep 2017Low
Thu 28 Sep 2017Low
Fri 29 Sep 2017Low
Sat 30 Sep 2017Low
Sun 01 Oct 2017Low
Mon 02 Oct 2017Lodge closed
Tue 03 Oct 2017Lodge closed

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Room description

Barina has three room types, all with ensuites.

A Family Suite:

1 queen bed + 3 single beds. An extra bed or cot can be added. Three rooms.

Six Family Rooms:

1 queen bed + 2 single beds. A cot can replace a single bed. One room.

Two bunk rooms:

2 single beds + 1 bunk. An extra bed or cot can be added. One room.