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The place to stay on the snow at Perisher.

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Friendly on-snow lodge

The best value family friendly accommodation in Perisher Valley

Perfect for a weekend, week-long, or season getaway

The place to stay on the snow



Customise your stay

We are all unique and need different things in a snow holiday.

At Barina you have plenty of options.

Our friendly chef will gladly cater to your dietary needs. You can also order child meals.

Choose your room size to best match your family's needs.

You also don't all have to stay for the same nights.

And, if you your needs change, just edit your booking - all on-line.

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Early bird rates

Most of our guests make Early Bird bookings and enjoy significant savings.

Early birders are more likely to get their choice of room and holiday period.

Winter at Barina has four different 'seasons' and four different child friendly rates to help make your family holiday just that much more affordable.

Early Bird bookings

  • for 5 or more nights open on 1 March
  • otherwise 1 April
  • and close end April
  • So book now before the Lodge fills up.

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    - and chat
    - or read
    - or share quality family time

    Guests at Barina get a genuine break and a place to relax.

    Our large comfortable lounge and dining areas give you space to be on your own to immerse yourself in a favourite book, or to just contemplate the beauty of the eucalypts outside.

    Or you can enjoy a boardgame with the family.

    Chatting around the evening fire with a glass of wine is popular.

    Whatever you like - it is your holiday!.

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    Arranging your ski holiday is easy

    Bookings can be made on-line and modified on-line if, say, you later want to invite a friend for a few days. You don't all have to stay the same nights.

    Barina is nestled among the eucalypts a short distance up the hill from the Perisher terminal. Use our complimentary Hans oversnow transport on arrival and departure and also at the end of each day's skiing.

    And we do all the rest - so you can hit the slopes with family or friends and have a great day!

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    Complementary oversnow transport on arrival, departure and at the end of each day's skiing.
    Hot hearty breakfasts and dinners are prepared by our in-house chef.
    We have three types of rooms.
    All are spacious and immaculately presented.

    Check out how much people enjoy staying here.

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    Early Bird bookings

  • for 5 or more nights open on 1 March
  • otherwise 1 April
  • and close end April
  • Arrival date

    Departure date

    DateFam SuiteFam RmFam RmFam RmFam RmFam RmFam RmBunk RmBunk Rm
    15 Sepnot avail.AvailAvailAvailnot avail.AvailAvailAvailAvail

    * Barina has a maximum occupancy for people aged over 5 years. Nights with occupancy close (within 4) to this limit are specifically indicated.

    How many people are in the booking?

    If rooms are not available try our  Email Alert service.

    Our rooms

    Room description

    Barina has three room types, all with ensuites.

    A Family Suite:

    1 queen bed + 3 single beds. An extra bed or cot can be added. Three rooms.

    Six Family Rooms:

    1 queen bed + 2 single beds. A cot can replace a single bed. One room.

    Two bunk rooms:

    2 single beds + 1 bunk. An extra bed or cot can be added. One room.

    Click here for some more room images. All rooms have ensuites.

    A Family Suite

    Family room

    Six Family Rooms

    Family room

    Family room

    Two bunk rooms

    Bunk room

    Bunk room